Vision Group is a well-established certified Italian Company in the field of Strategic Electronics. Our primary operations are Signal Analysis in HF/VHF/UHF/SHF in all satellite bands, Interception and decodes, development of encryption technologies and Electronic Warfare Systems.
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We present a preview of the new professional system of intercepting SMS Vision VG-CN16. The system is designed for the search, interception and analysis of SMS communications, as well as the acquisition of all the service information that circulate in GSM networks. It works on networks with no encryption or with encryption algorithms A5 / 1 - A5 / 2. 16 independent receiver channels that can be extended up to 64. Randomly or target, search for phrases or single words contained in the SMS are some of the many possibilities available to the user. Ability to work automatically unmanned 24 hours a day.
Robust construction professional portable ABS (24X12X20 cm) with integrated antenna and rechargeable batteries. Side Software PC 2TB for high numerical calculations. This product is absolutely unique.

At an incredible price!

As always we provide service, installation and technical consulting.
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Vision Group is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with the Boger Electronics Company for the construction and marketing of sophisticated electronic systems for the acquisition, monitoring and signal decoding voice/digital on HF / VHF / UHF / SHF. We supply satellite antennas, log periodic, broadband antennas, wide-band classifier, radio receivers up to microwave, multicouplers, GSM systems decoding, jamming systems, etc.. We also provide any specific project. Vision Group will work exclusively in Italy and worldwide for each order/project/sales.
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       Series V5 available as soon as possible       Rack Mount Remote Spectrum Analyzer
                                                                           available. As soon as possible the information.

        Spectran HF RSA

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Spectrum Analyzer,Aaronia, Antennas, Screening, EMC,EMV

Spectran HF-2025E V3

    RF Spectrum Analyzer
    Vision Group is pleased
to announce an agreement
 with the Company Aaronia
 for resale of their fabulous
  RF/EM Portable Spectrum

         Unbeatable start
       prices Euro 349,00

       Including directional
  antenna, charger, battery,
    free of costs Spectrum
    Analyzer Software and




Rugged Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer (Military Standard)

Spectran HF-XFR
USB Spectrum Analyzer
Spectran HF-6060 V4 X


World record in handheld analyzer senstivity!

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We provide quotes, techinical assistance, support and warranty (10 Years).

 Software for PC

MCS Spectrum Analyzer Software Download at the Aaronia Forum 

EMC Bundle 2 

 EMF Spectrum Analyzer

Spectran NF-1010

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Vision Group is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement of partnership with one of the largest companies in the world for the production and marketing of advanced systems in the aircraft industry. The complete line of products is available from 06 December 2012.

Products Line GSDR
- MicroReader -
MicroReader is our new revolutionary SDR receiver. Smaller than a USB key, USB-powered, no sound card required. Wonderful owner management software.
The future for us has already passed! Best price and performance. Conceived, designed and built by Vision Group.

Coming soon
- AvAlon -
Stand-Alone new Professional SDR Receiver.
Conceived, designed and built entirely by Vision Group.
We have integrated the Computer!
Coming soon

Sistema portatile di monitoraggio Thuraya

AirNav Systems Leadership In Flight Tracking



Thuraya portable monitoring satellite systems (SCL-5030P)

Wavecom Family Decoder
New Software Realese 8.1.00
We are updating the entire line of Wavecom products.

 RadarBox now available!
ADS-B Radar in Real time.
Incredible price!


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